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Buying used can still be new for you! - Aug 17, 2018

What is your ideal car? - July 24, 2018

The next steps: How to purchase a used vehicle - July 12, 2018


Posted: Aug 17, 2018

Buying used can still be new for you!

Used cars often have a bad reputation: many people assume they are beaten up, rusted, and in need of a lot of work. Today, used cars are typically not that old, as many people trade in vehicles after only a few years. Most used cars available today are as good as new, with more benefits than you might initially think. Before you dismiss the idea of buying a used car, take a look at what you would be missing out on:

More financial incentives

The most significant advantage of buying a used car is the lower depreciation value. For most new vehicles, their value can drop up to 40 per cent within the first year to three years of ownership. However, if you are to buy a used vehicle, even if it is only a couple of years old, you will not have to worry about losing the value of your “new” used vehicle. Instead of opting for a cheaper new car, you’ll be able to afford the make and model you want of a used car, with money to spare. Extra money you save can be put towards accessories like a new entertainment system or winter tires. Used vehicles also come with more financial benefits, including lower tax and insurance rates.

No problems to inherit

While it is widely assumed that used car buyers inherit all the problems or issues their previous owners left behind, this can be greatly exaggerated. The vehicles manufactured today are built to have greater longevity and be more reliable. Major repairs don’t happen as often, and while regular maintenance is important, many vehicles can go longer between visits. Used cars from the Auto Club Inc. all come with 152-point Government Safety Inspection and a Carproof. This will detail any previous accidents or incidents that occurred, so it is easy for buyers to know exactly what to expect when they are making their purchase.

The options are endless

Buying from a used car dealership offers you endless makes, models, and styles, a selection of vehicles you are unlikely to find at another dealership. For example, if you like a 2010 model of a certain dealer, you would not be able to go to that dealer to purchase it today – you’d only be able to purchase this year’s or next. However, used cars are available in a variety of brands and models. Some vehicles may already come with some added perks, like a sunroof or navigation system, without you having to add it on. Once you find the vehicle you want, it is highly likely that you will be able to take the vehicle home with you that day – most new cars need to be ordered in and need to be purchased in advance of when you need them.

You can see the selection the Auto Club Inc. has to offer at their inventory page.

Research is easy to find

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Buyers should take the time to research the vehicles they are interested in and consider reviews from others who have already purchased the vehicle. With used cars, this is an easier process because it is likely that many other people have already driven the vehicle. As a result, it is easy to get a better idea of how people have enjoyed or not enjoyed the vehicle, what its benefits are, what could be changed, and more. If the make and model have had any recalls or common problems, this information should be simple to find online.

Buying new isn’t always a safer option

Just because a vehicle is new, doesn’t mean it is immune to failed parts. All vehicles will require some kind of maintenance or repair during their lifespan, whether it is a rock chip or a broken air conditioning. A brand-new vehicle may seem like it will last you a few years, but anything can happen to a vehicle at any time, regardless if it’s new or used. At the Auto Club Inc., buyers can rest easy knowing that their used vehicle will be covered by an extended warranty, that will cover at minimum any engine and transmission problems. From there, a package can be built to best suit your needs and the needs of your vehicle. There is no need to spend more for a new vehicle just so you can avoid fixing broken parts, as you are just as likely to have problems with a new vehicle as you are with a used one.

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What is your ideal car?

Posted: July 24, 2018

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be daunting to try and determine what vehicle you want to buy. While it’s important to buy a vehicle with everything you want, you should also consider what you actually need in a vehicle. Determine what aspects of a vehicle are more important for your lifestyle to help you narrow down your choices:

What is your vehicle used for?

It’s important to consider what you are buying the vehicle for. Are you looking for a new everyday vehicle to take to work, sports classes, shopping, and weekend travelling? Or are you looking for a seasonal vehicle that will not see much use? Depending on what your answer might be, you may want to look for a vehicle that will work better based on its use. For example, if you are looking for a vehicle to drive every day and you have a 30-minute commute, you may want to consider a mid-size vehicle to fit all of your daily activities that is also fuel efficient, as you will be using it regularly. However, if you have a seasonal vehicle, you may only need a smaller car for the spring and summer that does not have cold weather implements.

Your lifestyle and how you use your vehicle will most heavily affect your choice. If you play a lot of sports and require a lot of equipment, you may need more than a car. Pulling a trailer requires a vehicle with a certain towing capacity depending on the size of the unit.

Seating capacity and storage

The seating and storage capacity are also important factors in determining the vehicle you should buy. If you have a large family, carpool to work, or regularly travel with friends, focus your search on vehicles that offer extra seating in the back. Remember that most of the time, this seating can be folded down and used as storage when not in use. Different vehicles also offer compartment storage underneath seats and in the base of the car, which is also an important consideration. Vehicles with racks on the roof can also be used to carry storage containers for larger pieces of equipment and luggage.

However, extra seating and storage may not always be necessary. If you are typically driving by yourself, it is not necessary to purchase a larger vehicle on the slight chance you may have to drive others or take a long-distance trip. The extra cost and fuel economy of a larger vehicle with more storage may not be worth it if you will only make use of it once or twice a year.

Parking at home, at work, and around the city

Another important consideration, especially in a city like Calgary, is parking. When you are looking at vehicles, keep in mind how you are going to store the vehicle each day. Do you need to fit in a parkade at home or at work? Do you have enough room in your garage, driveway, or on your street? For example, not all large trucks will fit in a standard size garage. If you park on a busy street, a smaller vehicle may be easier to squeeze into a parallel parking space.

Seasonal and low-use vehicles also require you to think about parking and storing solutions. You may not have room at your home to store a vehicle that is parked more than it is used and may have to consider renting a storage space. Are you prepared to pay that cost or is it more cost effective to buy an everyday vehicle that suits all your needs?

Extras and add-ons: are they necessary?

Most vehicles also come with added perks and features that are nice to have but not necessary. An “infotainment” system (which provides entertainment as well as information like a navigation system and Bluetooth phone connection) is another particular feature that many buyers look for. Having the ability to use voice-guided navigation, call people hands-free, and listen to music on your device may be an important feature that will vary depending on the vehicle. Look for a vehicle that has the system that meets your needs. You can test out different systems when looking at vehicles in person or compare them online.

Other extras like a sun roof can brighten up the interior of your vehicle and provide another viewing point for passengers. However, a sun roof also comes with an extra cost and can even increase your insurance costs. Consider how often you will be using it – if you are mostly travelling by yourself, then you might not get to experience the full effect of the sun roof and it may not be worth the extra cost.

In our cold winters, having heated seats or a heated steering wheel may be important to you, especially if you have a long commute. An automatic car starter may also be convenient for people who park their vehicles outside or in an open parking garage. Some vehicles may also come with all-weather mats that can better protect your car from snow, rain, and mud that is tracked in from passengers and pets.

Comfort and style go a long way

Ultimately, you need to be comfortable sitting and using your vehicle. Different seat materials can significantly impact your comfort level and the way you use your vehicle. Leather seats can be easier to keep clean than cloth seats but are typically more uncomfortable to sit on during the hot summer. A dark interior might also heat up your car more than a lighter one, but it will also show dirt and dust more. The style of the seat itself is also important, and you may want to consider taking the time to test drive a vehicle or at least sit in it to determine if it will be comfortable for an extended period of time.

The exterior style of your car is also an important factor. Typically, we tend to want to choose a paint colour that matches our favourite colours. While it is obviously important to pick a colour that you like, it may not be practical. For example, Calgary tends to get a lot of slush and mud on the roads during the winter and spring, which can really show on black and light-coloured vehicles. If you’re driving on dirt or gravel roads often, the dust may also show up more on different paint colours.

Choosing the right car that fits your lifestyle can be challenging, especially with hundreds of options available. However, by determining what criteria are more important to you than others, you can narrow down what kind of vehicle best suits your needs.

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The next steps: How to purchase a used vehicle

Posted: July 12, 2018

Buying a used vehicle is not as complicated as it may seem. At the Auto Club Inc, experienced employees can help customers drive home in their dream vehicle with little to no headache. Once a customer has decided to purchase a used vehicle, the Auto Club Inc will be there at every step in the way to offer the guidance and advice needed to complete the process. Before getting started, here are the next steps customers will need to complete once they have made the decision to buy:

Consider options

There are a lot of used vehicles available for customers to purchase, but it’s important to remember what they want and need in their vehicle. Before they begin the purchasing process, customers should make a list and research what they are looking for, including seating capacity, fuel economy, all-wheel drive and stylistic options like a sunroof, navigation system, and sound system.

Book an appointment

While the Auto Club Inc’s inventory can be viewed at any time, it is recommended that buyers book an appointment with a sales representative before they visit. During the appointment you can speak with an experienced staff member who can offer advice on financing and help compare different vehicle models and options. The length of the appointment depends on the needs of each buyer, so customers should be sure to book enough time to make the most of their visit. Also keep in mind that a driver’s license is required for test driving any of the vehicles, so don’t forget to bring it!


Explore financing options

For customers who are considering financing their vehicle, they will need to do a bit of homework and gather a few materials before their appointment. Financing with the Auto Club Inc is a simple and easy process, with a variety of loan options that will suit each customer’s needs and finances. The Auto Club Inc has partnerships with financial institutions to help make financing for customers as easy as possible.

Customers will need to bring with them a copy of their driver’s license and a copy of their two most recent pay stubs. They will also need to have a reasonable idea of what they can afford to spend on a vehicle. With the Auto Club Inc’s online loan calculator, buyers can quickly determine what they are able to afford when taking into account their other payments and financial history.

Approvals for car loans can also be completed through the online approval application, where customers can get approved for a vehicle from the comfort of their home! However, this should only be submitted once customers have a good idea of what their desired vehicle is and know how they will be financing their vehicle.

Insurance and registration

Once buyers complete the purchase of their vehicle, they will be given a bill of sale. This will have all of the information that is needed to submit to an insurance provider to get the coverage needed for the new vehicle. After this is complete, buyers will receive a proof of insurance from their provider. Insurance is required for all vehicles in Alberta to cover costs of motor vehicle collisions that may be caused while driving. A valid proof of insurance should be kept in a person’s vehicle at all times.

Proof of insurance is also required, along with the bill of sale, to register a vehicle and receive an Alberta license plate. With these two documents, buyers can visit their local registry and purchase their license plate.

Auto Club Inc is here to help

Whether customers are ready to buy or want to learn more, the Auto Club Inc can help at any point of the process. Through its partnerships with mechanical facilities, tire companies, window tinting services, 3M products and applications, detailing and undercoating services, insurance providers and more, the Auto Club Inc is knowledgeable and experienced at dealing with every aspect of used vehicles.

Contact a sales representative or visit in-store to get started!

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